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ChristinaNeave   Christine Neave
A Calgary writer whose eagle eye and light heart show wild in the city of Calgary, Alberta.
British Home Children in Canada   British Home Children in Canada
A place for descendants to learn about the world their ancestors lived in, and to connect with other descendants.
Campaign 2000   Campaign 2000
Issues annual reports and recommendations to all political parties to redress the persistence of child and family poverty in Canada.
YouthWrite   YouthWrite
A place for kids who like to write just about anything! YouthWrite offers inspiring summer and winter camps and workshops for young writers aged 12 to 19.
Gail Sidonie Sobat  

Gail Sidonie Sobat
A Young Adult author living in Edmonton. She is the founder and co-ordinator of YouthWrite.

Alexander Writers   Alexandra Writers‘ Centre
A place in Calgary for new and seasoned writers to learn, write, celebrate the written word. Carolyn is a regular workshop facilitator there.
Voice Nation   Voice Nation
An answering service that has jumped on the movement to help end bullying. I learned about this group from students in New Jersey, USA. Thank you!
Owl's Nest   Owl’s Nest Books
An independent book store that carries books and resources for all ages. They gladly support local authors.
Rock of Ages  

Rock of Ages NWT
“To make a long story short, when you hold a piece of this rock in your hand, you are holding 4.03 billion years of history. It’s the oldest known thing on the planet, from the planet.” — Prospector Walt Humphries, Yellowknife, NWT

youtube peace camp   The Art of Peace on YouTube
The CBC reporting on The Art of Peace Camps for Kids.
SAIV   Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence
We know of the suffering resulting from domestic violence. rape, child abuse; less known is the link between domestic and world violence.
  Kids Can Free the Children
This site is home to Craig Keilburger's work that he began at age 12. This organization is run for children by children. The site is rich with energy and hope. Kids Can Free the Children is based in Toronto, Canada.
  Women in Black-UK
This Women in Black site in England links back to the Women in Black-Calgary site in and to the Coalition of Women for Peace in Jerusalem. It also lists Women in Black groups around the world.
  Faith and the Common Good
This Canadian inter-faith initiative brings together people of different traditions to work together for the common good. The group has produced videos, resources and hold events on issues such as the economy, spirituality and the natural world. Currently, people across Canada are working with the David Suzuki Foundation to support the Suzuki Nature Challenge.
  Raffi News
Raffi, the renowned children's entertainer, has been writing new songs to help all of us Turn This World Around for the children. This site has information about Raffi's Child Honouring initiative.

United Church of Canada
The United Church of Canada is a liberal, Protestant Church, formed in 1925 by the union of 3 other churches (Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregationalist). The church has a long history of working on social issues such as public schooling, Medicare, the Canda Pension Plan, human rights for all persons and the Kyoto Accord. The church has been ordaining women ministers since 1932. See also Play - the children's site, Exchange - a magazine with prgram ideas for leaders of adults and Observer - the national magazine.

Jim Jordan   Report Bullying
Jim Jordan is a motivational speaker about bullying.
Barnard-Boecker   The Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation
Barnard-Boecker Foundation in Victoria, BC offers art, articles, book reviews and links around the world.
Woodlake Books  

Woodlake Books
Learn more about Bill Phipps’ book Cause for Hope: Humanity at the Crossroads with a Foreword by David C. Korten.

This publisher makes Sorry: Why Our Church Apologized available free for you to download.

logodooharm   Do No Harm
A non-profit organization encouraging others to do no harm.
logoswallowsnest   Swallow's Art Nest
Website of Saskatchewan artist and illustrator Judy swallow.
logopeaceplease   Peace Please
Delivers products and messages that promote peace and peaceful coexistence.
Alberta Wilderness  

Alberta Wilderness Association
The oldest wilderness conservation group in Alberta dedicated to the completion of a protected areas network and the conservation of wilderness throughout the province.


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