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Carolyn’s workshops are suitable (and adaptable!) for peace conferences, school classes, religious groups, and writing centres. Former participants have ranged from age 10 to seniors and live in places like Yellowknife, Toronto, Waterloo, Whitehorse, Edmonton, Calling Lakes and Calgary.

All workshops are flexible, depending on the group and their time available. Workshops can also be created around specific themes. Average cost per session $250.00

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Writing to Reconcile (Children, Teens, Adults)

A Unique Workshop for New and Seasoned Writers

I Love CanadaDuring the 6 years of The Truth and Reconciliation hearings, Canadians
learned new ways to look at our history which includes true stories from
First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples.

Some listeners were shocked; some were relieved. Canada has learned
astonishing facts and seen amazing courage. We now have an opportunity
for growth and healing.

This one day workshop allows participants to explore reconciliation on many levels through gentle free-fall exercises. Writing to Reconcile will invite conversation and writing in any genre about reconciliation with ourselves as individuals and as citizens of this land.



Raising the Dead ~ Writing Historical Fiction (Older Teens and Adult)

Carolyn leads the group through a series of writing exercises and discussions that will open the path to writing historical fiction based on your own ancestors, stories and imagination. Harvest your own family tree for amazing plots and intriguing characters.



Write for (a) Change (Children, Teens, Adults)

Is the pen really mightier than the sword? In this workshop, we explore this question and more through free-fall writing exercises, discussion and sharing our stories with one another. We name writing that has made a powerful impression on us. Writing in any genre, and learning about other young writers creating change, participants explore the power of words. We play around with perspective, dialogue and plot.



Write the Spirit (Adults)

A few years ago, Ojibway Elder Arthur Solomon said, “It is time for women to pick up their medicine and help heal a troubled world.” In this workshop, women will write how the world is, and how the world can be. Using free fall writing, a variety of exercises and working in any genre, we will explore the unlimited possibilities for peace, justice and healing within our ourselves, our country and our planet. We will learn from each other. We will encourage one another. We will relay, create and recreate stories that will enable us to pick up our medicine with courage, passion and laughter.




Writing to be Whole (Adults)

Carolyn leads the group through a 4 part series of exercises that explore the landscapes of our lives. Themes include: What creates a feeling of home for you? What or who inspires the art of your life? What ancient wisdom traditions ground you? We are more than the sum of our parts. Join a group of supportive, inquiring pilgrims on a creative adventure.

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